Long John Silver's, the famous American chain of fast food has launched a customer satisfaction survey called Long John Silver's Customer Satisfaction survey.

After taking The Mylongjohnsilversexperience survey you will get a Long John Silvers coupon and redeem your offer upon your next visit. All you need to do is to go to the Long John Silver's Survey official website and complete it to redeem your free meal.

Long John Silvers Coupons

In this step by step guide article, we will show you how to take the Long John Silvers survey.

What Is Long John Silver's Survey

Long John Silver's survey - also known as Mylongjohnsilversexperience - is a questionnaire that helps the fast food chain to improve its services and products by listening to the customers opinions and feedbacks. This makes it easier for Long John Silver's to improve an area where they are lagging behind.

Long John Silvers Survey Questions

The main elements and factors that the Long John Silver's Customer Satisfaction survey focuses on will be related to what mentioned below:

  • Food taste, quality, and servings.
  • Personnel Behavior.
  • Hygiene of the restaurant you visited.
  • Restaurant Locations.
  • Order accuracy.
  • Overall satisfaction with the recent visit.


Mylongjohnsilversexperience Rules And Requirements

Before you head further in this article, you need to know the rules and conditions needed to be eligible for taking the Long John Silver's customer survey.

  • Please, keep in mind that you need to have a valid Long John Silvers receipt.
  • You are a legal resident of United States of America.
  • You are 18 years old or older.
  • You have an internet connection in your device.
  • The Long John coupon is only for getting free meal or discounts.
  • Long John Silver's employees and their families are eligible to take the survey.

Step By Step Guide For Long John Silvers Survey

In this section, we are going to show you how to take customer survey to redeem your Long John Silvers coupons.

  • Select your language. You can choose between English and Spanish.
  • Enter the store number located on top of the receipt.
  • Enter the ticket number.
  • Click Start. After that, you will be redirected to the Long John Silver's questionnaire's page.
  • Answer all the asked questions and give your honest opinion and feedback.

Long John Silvers Survey

After completing the survey, you will get a Long John Silvers coupon code to redeem your free fish or discount upon your next visit.

Additional Long John Silvers Coupons

If you still looking for additional coupons for Long John Silver's, here is how and where to get them.

You can find Long John Silvers coupons in the official website: www.ljsilvers.com/coupons/

Also, try subscribing to messages for Long John Silver's to get coupons sent directly to you via your email address.

More coupon code can be found in Retailmenot official website: retailmenot.com/view/ljsilvers.com

www.mylongjohnsilversexperience.com Survey FAQ

Here are some of the Frequently asked Questions which you might face while taking the Long John Silver's customer satisfaction survey.

Question 1: Is the receipt Necessary for taking the Survey?

Answer: Yes, to take the Long John Silver's Survey, it is necessary to have a recent receipt.

Question 2: Is the store and ticket number Compulsory for the Online Survey? Where is it available?

Answer: The store number and ticket is a must & Should. You can find all the needed information on the purchase receipt.

Question 3: How Do I get the Long John Silvers coupon and redeem my offer?

Answer: After taking the survey, you will get a coupon code. Write it down on your receipt and take it to one of the Long john Silvers restaurants.

About Long John Silver's Company

Long John Silver's (formerly known as Long John Silver's Seafood Shop and sometimes abbreviated as LJS) is an American chain of fast food restaurants that specializes in seafood.

The brand's name is derived from the novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, in which the pirate Long John Silver is one of the main characters.

Formerly a division of Yum! Brands, the company was sold to a group of franchisees in September 2011, and is now 80% franchise owned.

Long John Silvers Links And Resources

Long John Silver's official website : www.ljsilvers.com

Long John Survey : www.mylongjohnsilversexperience.com

Facebook page : www.facebook.com/LongJohnSilvers/

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