Bitlife, the famous life simulator game, where you can pursue your desired career, or embellish the pages of magazines and style the most fashionable styles. But first, you need to know exactly what you will have and need to do to get that career. Once you know the steps on how to be a model in BitLife, you should be able to strut your stuff with the best of them. In this article will show you how to start your BitLife model career.

How To become A Model In BitLife

To be a model in BitLife, all you need to do is finish high school and have a good statistic

Also, you will need to enhance your appearance, by going to the gym or going for walks. You can also do martial arts and even have plastic surgery!

Once you are ready to look for a job, simply search for the foot model under the jobs tab. Once you are hired, you can then work hard every year and progress to the model.

Tricks & Tips For BitLife Model Career

Start your character looking for a high quality statistic and that's about it. When you're old enough, make sure you go to the gym and take a walk. This should increase your appearance stats and hopefully surpass the marker by 80%, which should be enough.

Age throughout your life and finish high school as fast as you would like. The most important thing is to maintain your appearance

Once you've finished school, look for foot model job. It is semi-rare, but should appear fairly often. If you don't see it, you can get older or you can close your application to get a new job choice.

When you get the foot model job, make sure you use the Work Hard option in the job menu. You should eventually progress to hand model, then catalog model, lingerie model and finally runway model. Once you reach the final stage of your modeling career, you will eventually become model in BitLife.

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