To answer this question: why use signal Signal Private Messenger?

The answer is simple, to prevent espionage from cell phone communications. That's why we recommend this free application that encrypts all your communications: voice calls, text messages,  photos or videos.

Like other messaging application, It is necessary for all parties to use Signal Private Messenger so that conversations are encrypted. In addition, an Internet connection is required since communications are over the Web.

Why switching to Signal Private Messenger?

Once installed, the app will allow you to communicate securely in different ways.

1 - No one will be able to listen to voice calls you make, whether local or long distance.

2 - For messaging, which allows group exchanges, it's the same principle: text messages, photos and videos that you send to other users are encrypted "end-to-end" and no one will be able to access them except you, whether you use the messaging app on your mobile device or the computer version.

3 - Your service provider will not be able to access your communications, even if requested to do so by the authorities.

Signal Private Messenger is available in PlayStore & App Store.

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