You don't want to find yourself in a bad situation because you don’t carry the must have accessories for your car. That's why we have listed some of the best car gadgets available on the marketsuch as camera, GPS, cables and smartphone accessories.

Must Have Accessories For Car

1 - GPS Tracker

Keeping track of your car will surely give you a certain kind of mind peace. This is why you need to have this essential car gadget called PRIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker. This car tracker costs $49.97, and it gives you real-time location on where your car is at all the time. You can use your smartphone and syncs it with Google Maps.

2 - USB Car Charger

Surely you want to keep your smartphone or device fully charged, that's why you need to have this Dual USB Car Quick Charger.It is one of the most important gadgets for cars an essential element in any list of accessories for a car. For $8.99 you will get a car quick charger with two USB ports to allow two devices to be charged at once.

3 - Dash Cam

Another essential item in any lists of gadgets for cars is the Dash cams. Dash Cam 1080P DVR will ensure your car journey is filmed all the time. For $32.99 you will get a good dash cam with 1080p recording option, also it has night vision feature.

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