Recently, a new and very cheap web hosting service has appeared under the name of RuuCloud. Their hosting service provide their clients with web hosting, cloud VPS and dedicated servers with a very low price. You can start using their service with just 1$/Month. You probably asking if this is true or it's just another scam company?

Well, in this article we will make a quick RuuCloud review and we will try to collect all the information available about this web hosting service.

Is Ruu.Cloud A Scam Or Legit ?

After a little research on the internet we managed to find some information about Ruu.Cloud.

1 - The website has been set-up one year ago.

2 - The company is located in Siri Lanka and the data are stored in the USA & Europe.

3 - The website is receiving a lot of traffic even if it's still young.

These 3 points mentioned above make the website looks suspicious. But, according to ScamAdviser, RuuCloud has a good score when it comes to safety. 

This is the safety test's result by ScamAdviser :

Also, we have found some users feedbacks on who tried and purchased the service. Click here to read them.


The website may look suspicious especially when it comes to their pricing. But we don't have more evidence to make a definitive judgment.

Therefore, if you are willing to try this webhosting service, we highly recommend to use it on a small project which doesn't require storing big and important data. 


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