You are probably looking for a way or a website to download 7 Zip for Mac, but you didn't find any. And That's because 7-Zip is not available on Mac OS. But we collected a list of 7-Zip alternatives for you.

7-Zip Alternatives For Mac

1 - Cisdem BetterUnarchiver

Since 7 Zip for Mac is not available, Cisdem BetterUnarchiver can be the best option to replace it. It has several features and can unpack more than 40 archive formats. But, unfortunately, it doesn't support the option to preview files on archives.

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2 - The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver is a free tool to unpack archives. This software supports almost all archive formats. But it cannot Zip files or preview files from archives.

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3 - Keka

Keka is also considered is one of the best alternatives for 7zip Mac OS. It comes with Drag & Drop option which makes it very easy to use. This program supports multiple archive formats. Also it has several extended features such as : drag & drop, split archives and add passwords.

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4 - WinZip For Mac

Another good alternative for 7Zip Mac OS. WinZip Mac can extract and zip files, and it comes with several features and option. But it does not support many archive formats.

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Where To Download 7zip For Mac?

As we have mentioned in the beginning of the article, 7Zip for mac os is not available. And we advice you to not waste your time searching for 7zip for mac download links, because you won't find any.

We recommend you using these alternatives mentioned above for 7zip for Mac OS.

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