In this article we will show how to download GIFs and save them in your computer or your mobile phone. But before we dive in, let's explain what is a GIF.

A GIF is an animated sequence of several images or pictures that are contained in the same file. The first appearance of GIFs was in the 1980s.

How To Download GIF?

To download a GIF and save it in your computer follow these easy steps :

  • Open a web browser.
  • right-click on the GIF.
  • Select "Save As" and make sure to save it as GIF extension.

After saving your GIF file, you will have to open it with a web browser or Photoshop or any other software that supports the GIF display. If the software or application doesn't support the GIF display you won't be able to see the animation.

How To Download GIF On Iphone?

You can download GIF files on apple devices by using the GIPHY app. You can find the link here.

Or by using the Safari browser. To do so, follow this guide :

  • Open Safari.
  • Search for your GIF.
  • Hold press on the GIF until a window pops up.
  • Click "Save" or "Share" and "Send it to your camera roll".

If you can't see the animation through Photo app you can use a third party photo viewer app.

How To Download GIF On Android?

On Android devices. you can download GIF files by using the GIPHY app. Click here to download.

Or you can use this browser method :

  • Open chrome browser
  • Search for your GIF
  • Hold press until a window pops up
  • Select "Download Image"

You can find the file in the phone storage ( Download Folder ) and you will be able to see the animation using any application that supports GIF display.

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