On social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, certain users have blue check marks next to their profile names. These blue check marks can be found on a page of a celebrity, a band, or a news network. Social media platforms place these checkmarks next to specific pages to prove the accounts verified and real. These checkmarks are simply referred to as Verification badges or Verified. They all serve the same purpose: to show users that the account you’re looking at is real and not a fan-owned page or profile.

How Can To Get Popular Tag On Tiktok

The same thing can be said for Tiktok. The musical platform places orange checkmarks called ''Verified Account'' on celebrities accounts and public figures or brand regardless of the number of followers. And for hardworking users and creators, Tiktok rewards them by the "Popular Creator" badge.

Now, in this article we will give you a quick guide on how to get Popular Creator tag on Tiktok.

How To Get Verified On Tiktok

First of all, getting a Popular Creator badge won't be easy but it is achievable. Now lets start on how to get the Popular Creator tag.

  • Good and unique content : this is the primary success for any content creator. To do that you can start by exploring the platform and discover what users are looking for. But remember, don't make any violent or sensitive content.

  • Good quality camera : the image is quite important as the content, so make sure that your phone camera produces a high quality video. Remember videos must always be vertical.

  • Responsive Audience : that means that your followers need to be active by liking and commenting your videos.

  • Follow other users to get more followers and fans.

  • Don't give up : be consistent and don't let your followers any chance to forget you.

How many fans do I need to do a live stream on Tik Tok?

In order to live streaming on Tik Tok you should have 1000 fans.


Like we said at the beginning of this article. you will have to work hard and create good contents in order to get rewarded. Don't forget, be consistent and never give up.

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