Everyone wants to make money online, but unfortunately some services take advantage of the need of earning some money online. And one of those scam services is CloudPay or Paid 4 Clout.

For those who don't know what is Paid 4 Clout or CloudPay, it is a company that claims to help social media users to make money online just by sharing the company's link to their social media followers.

You probably here because you are asking is '' Paid 4 Clout is legit or scam '' ?

- The short answer is YES

In this Paid 4 Clout review we will show you why this company is scam

Here's why Paid 4 Clout is a scam 

- Unknown company's name and physical location

Every company should provide information about its location, address and the founder's name. Not doing so will definitely rise suspicious about the company. And this is the case about Paid 4 Clout.

- Lying about date of founding

Paid 4 Clout claims to be founded in 2015. But according to Webmasters, the company's first appear on the internet was in 28 May 2019.

- The sign-up 25$ bonus

This is the most common technique that scam services use to get people's attention in order to create an account or use the service. But the sad reality is that they never pay that 25$ bonus.

Here's some reviews about the service ( trustpilot.com )

Many people  want this site to be true and legit, only because they are offering 25$ bonus but the harsh truth is that it is not a legit site.


  1. Thanks for letting us know! It's so important we share this kind of information to save others for being scammed. Thanks a ton!


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