The famous game Fortnite, is currently serving up nothing but a black hole for anyone who tries to log on to play the battle royale game. And maybe this time the wait will be a long. Normally the updates take about 6 hours  to fully applied before gamers can get back onto the battle royale for new games, but it seems the end of Season 10 and beginning of season 11 will some more time. Many are anticipating to launch as Fortnite: Chapter 2 could take as long as Tuesday morning for the game to get back on.

A leak, discovered by Lucas7yoshi, based on the coding behind Fortnite's official site indicates that the current phase of the game called "The End" is scheduled to end Tuesday morning at 6am ET. This would be the longest shutdown of the game.

Epic Games recently announced some changes , including adding AI-charged “bots” to replace human players to ease the barrier of entry for more players. Along with a new matchmaking system that will pair players with groups of similar skill.
And that's why Fortnite will probably needs significant time before the changes take place.

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