Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube… and the list goes on. It would be no exaggeration to say that each of us is present on at least three social media sites at once. We browse pictures on Instagram, keep up to date about current events on Facebook, and be available to important contacts on WhatsApp. However, most of us are present on more than three social media sites and top social media apps . Let’s say we watch videos on YouTube, talk to friends on Snapchat, browse the Internet in all its glory on Reddit, and follow celebrities on Twitter. Keeping up with so many social networks apps is not easy. Our phone starts to fill up with applications and it becomes a hassle to manage. We desperately keep clicking the “clean storage” option whenever it comes up to make space in our phone’s storage.

What could make this hassle easier? Perhaps a one stop solution for all the social apps that we use? Imagine having to install only one app to use all the social media sites imaginable to you. Your phone’s home screen where you have more than five apps that each take up space of their own will be replaced by one app which gives you access to all the social networks you use. Social Media Apps: All In One App is the platform that does this seamlessly and it works like social media manager!

Just a click away lie all of the social platforms you will ever need on your phone! This one stop solution for social media opens up a page from where you can access all the sites you use. If this list is big, you can simply search the social network you want to open and it will come up in the results. Then you can log in to your account and use it as you normally do! The most widely used social platforms and top social media apps are available in the app from Facebook and Snapchat for leisurely use to Google+ and LinkedIn for business use.


Those social networks that you use frequently can be highlighted and accessed easily by adding them to favorites. You also don’t have to worry about missing out on any activities which might be happening on your social media. Social Media Apps: All In One App will notify you of what’s happening through alerts and push notifications. There is nothing missing in this app!

The features that this one stop solution for social media gives you are:

  • access to all social media sites on one platform
  • search sites
  • favorite frequently used social platforms
  • receive alerts on notifications
  • suggest other social apps to add
  • top social media apps 


There is really nothing to lose with Social Media Apps: All In One App. Your phone will have fewer apps and this means that less space will be taken up. Instead of managing multiple apps at once, you will be able to manage all your social media under one roof!

And all of this is free! Download the app on the PlayStore : HERE

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