In this article we will show you how to index your blog's articles or how to fetch as google using the new version of the google search console to help your blog appears in google search results.

Probably, you have been searching on how indexing your blog's articles using the new google search console, because Crawl Fetch as Google isn't working in the old version and it shows this message :

Now we will show you how to get Google to instantly Index your blog or website and shows us in the search result using the new google search console version.

1 - First of all copy the URL you'd like to be indexed

2 - Paste it in the Search Bar :

3 - Click Enter

4 - It will show you this message :

5 - Click on Request Indexing 

And that's it, your article will be indexed in a couple of minutes, and it will be ready to appear in google search result.

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