Read & Create QR Code - QRcode & Barcode generator is one of the best and the fastest QR Code generator and free barcode generator. Using your camera's phone, this scan reader app quickly scans the barcode and QR code informations. All type of QR codes and Barcodes are supported in this barcode and qr scanner code maker, including 2d barcode generator, bar prices and upc barcode and much more.

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Our QR scanner and QRCode maker app generates and scan your kod qr and barcode to get multiple results like wifi networks, website links, locations and many more informations that you want to scan using this qr code app scanner for android.

You will be able to generate and create QR codes and barkodes in one single click, all you have to do is entring your informations and click generate to create you own code qr and barcode with the help of this barcode maker and qr code maker.

Also, with the help of qr code scanner for android you can scan and read any qr codes and barcodes image from your gallery and reveal it's information.

how to scan QR code / Barcode
Make sure Read & Create QR Code is allowed to use your camera's phone, then scan the code using your camera and it will reveal automatically the qr codes and barcodes's information. It's like using a QR code decoder.

Our qrcode generator has multiple features :
  • It is a barcode generator that allows you make your own barcodes.
  • It is a qr code maker that helps you generate your own kod qr.
  • It's a qr code reader and barcode scanner to scan all code type.
  • All your scaned items using this qr code reader will be found in a history list.
  • All generated codes will be stored in : Internal Storage > Pictures


  1. This Qrcode reader and generator is really good, personally recommend the barcode generator kernel to use third-party dlls, so developers can write code a lot easier.


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