Rec My Screen is a free screen video recorder, audio and screen capture. With this free screen video recorder App, you will be able to record your screen with both video and audio.
Rec My Screen is also a free screen capture video and allows you to take screenshots of your screen and save them on your phone, so it is also a free screen capture App.
This free screen capture and video recorder App allows you to adjust and edit the video resolution and orientation that you want to record your screen with. While using the video recorder mode or the screen capture, the icons will hide automatically. It's like a hidden video recorder that recrods your screen. You can use this video recorder while chatting with friends or surffing the web or whatever you like.
Rec My screen - Video & Audio comes with good and stunning graphics and it's really easy to use. You can also move the icons freely on your screen.
Don't waste anymore time and download this free video recorder to capture and record your screen and taking screenshots.

Features :

- Video recorder screen with audio.
- Screen capture.
- Very easy to use.



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