Must believe that KONAMI has reserved many surprises.And here is one that clearly contradicts Adam Bhatti's announcements earlier in the year before the game was released. The latter had announced that there would be no F2P version for PES 2017, but Today it is otherwise.
Indeed, by visiting the PSN, a version of PES 2017 named "Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Trial Edition"has appeared.

What will we find in it

  • MyClub Mode
  • The PES League mode
  • The exhibition match mode
  • The skill mode

Other information about PES 2017 Trials

  • It will be impossible to make a Master League with this version F2P
  • The 9 teams available: FC Barcelona, ​​Arsenal, A.Madrid, Boca Juniors, River Plate, Flamengo, Corinthians, France and Germany
  • The 2 stadiums available: Camp Nou and Neue Sonne Arena
  • In PES League mode, you may be limited to a number of matches
  • No backup data transfers
  • 1-4 days
  • 2-2 network players
  • Weight: 21g
  • Support for remote playback


You will be able to download it on the Steam store for free '' Click Here ''

P:S : if the article is not available in your country , you can fix it by using a VPN  '' Click Here ''

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